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The Advanced Batch Mixer (ABM) is a unique, high-capacity mixer that offers larger yields, shorter mixing times and greater consistency. We proudly serve bakeries across the globe with our high-quality single-unit mixers and complete system installations suitable for a wide variety of products, including doughs, batters and more. 

Upgrade your product line with a high-speed industrial bakery mixer from AFS. 

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Mixing Time is Typically 75% Less Than Traditional Mixers

Advantages of the Advanced Batch Mixer Include:

  • Mixer Batch Capacity ranging from 300 lbs. to 2,000 lbs.
  • Mixing System production rates up to 20,000 lbs. an hour
  • One ABM mixer is capable of supplying multiple production lines
  • Mixing times are usually less than 2.5 minutes
  • Complete batch cycle time including loading ingredients, mixing and automatic discharge of the finished dough in less than 5 minutes
Better Incorporation of Trim & Reclaim Dough

With the intensive mixing and cutting action, trim or reclaimed dough can be added back to the batch at rates up to 40%.

Safer Dough Chunk Discharge

At the conclusion of a mixing, dough chunks are automatically discharged from the mixer and are easily conveyed to downstream equipment thus eliminating dangerous dough troughs and lifts.


Additional Water Means Higher Yields

Due to the intensive mixing of flour and ingredients, AFS industrial mixers allow for additional hydration rates for most batter and doughs. Typical customers are able to add 5-10% additional water to the recipe. 

The ABM’s mechanical mixing action is so intense that it can expose more surface area of the flour particles to the recipe water, enabling the flour to absorb more water and increasing the hydration rate. This moisture is “bound up,” meaning sticking can be controlled and shelf-life isn’t negatively impacted. 

Reduce/Eliminate Floor Time

Doughs that are better hydrated can be machined sooner, requiring significantly less (or no) floor time. This allows for “just in time” dough mixing, cutting waste and simplifying the processing. Better hydrated doughs can also usually be machined 3-5 degrees warmer.
What Increased Hydration Rates Could Look Like For You

If you mix at 7,000 lbs per hour; with 2 shifts a day; 5 days a week, a 4% absorption would generate a cost savings of about $166,000 per year.

Create A Fully Integrated Mixing System

An AFS mixing system integrates the ABM mixer with automated ingredient addition and mixed product delivery to create an automated, high-throughput production line. The recipe control feature can manage the ingredient batching amounts, the mixing procedure and the flow of the mixed product.

Let us integrate your new/existing ingredient streams (batching flour, sugar, oil, water, etc.) and handle the finished dough/batter conveying/pumping to achieve a “turn-key” operation!
What A Typical High-Speed Mixing Installation Looks Like
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