A Closer Look At Advanced Food Systems Equipment

Specializing in high-speed, automated mixing solutions for industrial bakeries, AFS mixers are used in a variety of culinary settings. Get to know our mixing technology better today.

AFS Equipment & Installations

The ABM 350 High Speed Mixer
Pizza Dough Mixing Installation
Muffin & Cookie Dough Installation
Doughnut Mixing Installation

Video Demonstrations

Advanced Food Systems - ABM 350 High Speed Mixing Action
ABM 1000 High Speed Mixing System
AFS ABM Paddle Mixing Tool
ABS Dough Mixing/Kneading Tool
ABM 350 Mixer and Dough Conveyor
Mix, Chunk, & Convey

A Few Places Where Our Products Are Used

Cheryl's Cookies

Video Download 79 MB


Video Download 54 MB