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A Leading Supplier of High Speed Mixing Systems For The Food Industry

Since 1996 AFS has supplied the only high speed batch mixer that is designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. With customers located in the North/South American, European, African and Asian markets, our equipment is carefully engineered to be able to handle the long-term reliability and high-volume output that industrial bakeries demand.

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Joining Forces With SCMF To Better Serve Each Of Our Customers

Since 1997 Steelial Construction & Metal Fabrication (SCMF) is an industry leader in robotics, laser cutting, piping, machining and more. As of 2021, AFS is now a part of SCMF to offer fully integrated design, fabrication, installation and servicing capabilities for all of our customers. This new partnership allows AFS to expand its capabilities and reinforce the powerful products we have proudly offered for more than 25 years.


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Customer Care: AFS Is Always Here For You

Since day one, Advanced Food Systems has always held customer satisfaction at the forefront of our operation. Are you looking to upgrade a current system? Need replacement parts to get you back in action? Our dedicated customer care staff is on standby to help fulfill your request and improve the longevity of your product

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