From A Single Mixer to Full Mixing Systems, AFS Has You Covered

We at AFS are constantly working to perfect the craft of industrial batch mixing. Putting customer satisfaction at the forefront of our operation, we are always honing our manufacturing skills and expanding our service offerings as we help your business rise to the top. No matter your necessary mixing capacity, we are here to help you achieve it.

Worker pouring mix into an industrial mixer

Industrial Food Mixing Systems

AFS specializes in fabricating bulk bakery mixing equipment and creating complete product line solutions at all stages, including development, design, integration, installation, support and ongoing service. Our Advanced Batch Mixer can be seamlessly integrated into your industrial-level product line allowing for higher speeds, throughput and yields.

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Industrial Mixer

We Also Offer Industrial-Strength Standalone Mixers

Already have an existing, inadequate mixer and looking to upgrade your mixing capacity? A standalone Advanced Batch Mixer can help you achieve your throughput goals and decrease your conventional mixing time. Our versatile mixers can mix whatever you’re making – doughs, batters, sauces, etc. They also offer the potential to increase your dough/batter recipe’s hydration levels, allowing you to boost your production yield.

Shorter times. Higher yields. Upgrade to high-speed ABM today!

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